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Skype Documentation Plan

The following is a hypothetical plan written for Technical Writing 1 at Seneca College for the Technical Communication Graduate Certificate.

Skype Documentation Plan

Ms. Donna Smith

Microsoft Skype

3180-3210 Porter Dr, Palo Alto

CA 94304, USA

October 4, 2018

Microsoft Skype is a freemium telecommunication application software product that allows end users to make voice and video calls, and send text, images and instant messaging, using a downloadable client.

Skype’s efforts to expand their user-base among +65s requires an educational pilot at Laguna Woods Village, a senior’s community of 18,500 people in Southern California.

The Skype education pilot requires the creation of:

  • 12-page Getting Started Guide
  • 30-second video script
  • Half-day onsite training

This proposal outlines how Belinda Reich will create and deliver the above documentation and training.


The audience for the Skype documentation is Skype executives charged with educational outreach. Typically, this is within the marketing and business departments who make decisions about the best ways to create new users of the Skype product.

Members of the marketing and business departments are familiar with running educational programs to highlight Skype’s features and benefits to users.


This section outlines the scope of the documentation and training and the services offered by Belinda Reich.

Getting Started Guide for Seniors

Belinda Reich will develop a 12-page Getting Started Guide specifically for cell phones, at a beginner to intermediate level. The guide will be a task-oriented written document with illustrations to reinforce the actions taken. The document will contain the following sections:

  • Downloading and opening the Skype application from the Google Play Store.
  • Downloading and opening the Skype application from the Apple Store.
  • Creating a Skype account.
  • How to find family and friends on Skype.
  • Making and ending a Skype video call.
  • Answering a video call.

Belinda Reich will research, write, edit and once approved, print the Getting Started Guide.

Page count: 12

30-Second Video Script

The script for the 30-second video will contain information for dissemination within Laguna Woods Village via the community’s television screens that are used for advertising upcoming activities and events. The script will convey essential information about the location and time of the half-day Skype training and the availability of the Getting Started Guide on the day. It will also highlight that the Skype information is for all cell phone owners.

In collaboration with Skype and Laguna Woods Village, Belinda Reich will confirm date and location and include within the script.

Page count: 1

Half-Day Onsite Curriculum

The curriculum for the 3.5-hour onsite training will mirror the Getting Started Guide but will be delivered in a PowerPoint format and will allow discussion and questions. The final 1.5 hours will be devoted to troubleshooting and ensuring that all participants have downloaded the Skype application, created an account, and have practiced making Skype video calls with each other.

Belinda Reich will research, write, edit and create visual slides for the half-day onsite training.

Slide count: 20

Deliverable Format

The Getting Started Guide will be made available as a PDF suitable for professional printing. In addition, Belinda Reich will provide 10 high-quality printed and stapled guides, with card stock covers containing Skype and Laguna Woods Village branding.

The 30-second script will be delivered as a one-page PDF file.

The Half-day Onsite Curriculum will be delivered as a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation.


Belinda Reich will provide the following to Microsoft Skype:

  • A 12-page PDF document file containing the Getting Started Guide.
  • 10 printed Getting Started Guides. Printed on high-quality paper and professionally stapled. The cover page will be high-quality card stock.
  • A one-page PDF document containing a script for a 30-second video.
  • A 20-slide PowerPoint file.

To achieve all deliverables, Belinda Reich will be using the following tools:

  • Adobe FrameMaker for authoring the Getting Started Guide.
  • Final Draft for authoring the 30-second video.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for authoring the slides for the Half-day Onsite Training.
  • Adobe Acrobat for creating PDF files.
  • Snipping Tool for screen grabs.
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for creating graphics and cleaning up screen grabs.

All work will be conducted at the office of Belinda Reich, in Toronto, Canada.


Final deadlines to be discussed and agreed upon by Microsoft Skype and Belinda Reich.

Intellectual Property

Upon payment of all installment, Belinda Reich will transfer all copyright for all intellectual property created.


Based upon the information provided here within, the cost for each deliverable is stated below. Any changes made will result in change orders and addendums will be added to the original order, and lead to corresponding increase in final cost.


Getting Started Guide: 1 page equals 8 hours of work. At 12 pages, the guide will take 96 hours in total.

My rate per hour is $60. The total amount for the Getting Started Guide is: $5,760.00

A 30-second script will take 8 hours to complete. At $60 per hour, the total is: $480.00

A half-day curriculum and training will take 10 days to complete, totalling 80 hours. At $60 per hour, the total is: $4,800.00

Total cost: $11,040.00

 This is a fixed price quote. Any changes to the original order will see a corresponding increase in the final cost.


One third of the cost will be invoiced and paid before commencement of work, upon acceptance of the proposal. One third will be paid by day 15 of work, and the final third paid upon final delivery of the order. All invoices will be sent upon acceptance of the proposal with due dates stated. Any overdue accounts will be charged a late fee of 5% per month, pro-rated.


If Microsoft Skype wishes to cancel the project at any point, all hours worked until that time become due within 7 days. All materials, document files and intellectual property will be returned and transferred once payment is received.

Proposal Duration

This proposal is valid until October 15, 2018.


To accept this proposal, please sign below. By signing, Microsoft Skype and Laguna Woods Village are agreeing to all the deliverables and terms stated in this proposal.


Ms. Donna Smith                                                                                                                                                              Date


Belinda Reich                                                                                                                                                                     Date

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